Food for Sheep

Our Dorper sheep enjoy days of grazing on the newly recovered lucerne trees.

These trees were heavily pruned to harvest the seeds a month ago.

We then sent our sheep in and they grazed the trees until they were bare.

Within 40 – 60 days the trees were bursting with new shoots.

This is what our sheep enjoyed just 60 days later!

The evidence is that pruning and grazing promote new shoots!

all – year – round!

The new tender green shoots are pudding for any grazing animal.

Tagasaste was created to be food on trees.

  • a vertical haystack
  • a living fodder bale
  • a full-time
  •  hardy
  • quick-growing
  • fast-recovering
  • evergreen
  • grows in winter
  • nutrient-rich grazing

What a provision for 60 – 80 years!

What other grazing comes close to this?

©   2012


2 thoughts on “Food for Sheep

  1. Hi Nadene. I have established about 2ha of Tree Lucerne in a adequtely fenced 4ha area(2m fence for kudu and 600mmshade netting for hassies at the bottom. However my trees are still being eaten.They are most commonly being eaten from the top ( they are currently +- 500mm tall ) and also some trees have lost all their leaves. There are no obvious telltale footprints.We have shot 15 hassies in the enclosure and do not see anymore hassies when we take out the spotlight.
    Any ideas?


    • @Andrew, well, this critter is sneaky! If the tops are being eaten, then it is more than likely that there is still a rabbit that you haven’t found. Also don’t forget, mice and insects love this tree too! If there is dense grass around the trees, then mice find shelter there and eat the trees. Have you any evidence of snails or worms? We patrol our trees regularly for snail and other infestations. You may need to spray an insecticide if they are eating your trees. Hope you find what it is and keep it out! Happy farming!


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