Planting out Lucerne Trees

We’re busy planting out thousands of lucerne trees in new lands ~

Pop over to our planting trees page to view the details.

Have you ordered your seeds and trees for spring?

Happy Farming!


4 thoughts on “Planting out Lucerne Trees

  1. Hi Nadine, Thank you and your husband for sharing all your knowledge with us all.
    Question: I have 15 Show Jumping Horses on a 10 Hectare Small Holding in the east of Pretoria.
    To be able to feed them on Tree Lucern (Excluding other feeds I give) How many trees would I need to plant?
    I also want to know what you would charge for size trees you are planting in your introduction?


    • @Piet Basson, thanks for your comment and questions. Horses love tree lucerne and the trees will double your normal grazing. Give Myles a call to discuss the number of trees per hectare and their spacing. All our trees are R7/tree.


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