New Lucerne Field 8 Months Later

Here are the Lucerne trees planted out in early spring August last year.

Lucerne trees bottom field April13

Just 8 months later they are ready for grazing.

Irrigated with dripper lines and pruned to 1m encourage lateral branches,

these trees have flourished.

Scroll down to  August 23, 2012 to see how the trees looked when they were planted.

Happy Farming!


5 thoughts on “New Lucerne Field 8 Months Later

    • @Motloutse, this seems to be a fairly common problem. One must water the young trees regularly, but not too much water at a time, especially in hot temperatures.


    • @Gagoangwe, the straw is used to cover the soil and lightly blanket the surface to keep the soil moist. You could use dried leaves or dried grass cuttings as a light mulch layer.


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