10 month old Lucerne trees

These trees which were established in January are showing excellent growth at 10 months!


They have not yet been grazed, but have been pruned twice to maintain 1m height and encourage lateral growth.  Pruning encourages the tree to bush and prevents the tree from growing too tall and spindly for your livestock to utilize.

Happy Farming!


7 thoughts on “10 month old Lucerne trees

  1. Nadene,wanneer kan die bome begin bewei word.Hoe weet mens of die wortel stelsel sterk genoeg is om bewei te word.Baie dankie vir jou raad. Koos van rooyen.


  2. Dear Nadene, I’m staying in Namibia, in the Omaheke region. Omaheke is Otjiherero for Sand veld. Our area is very sandy and has little water. I want to start planting the lucern tree. I have prepared around 8 to 10 hectares for the planting. What is your advice? seeds or seedlings? I shall be able to water it once a week only. I took your advice on planting in a container which shall allow maximum growth of the roots. What do you advice? Do you think I shall succeed? Kind regards, Kavemunu.


    • @Kavemunu, terribly sorry, but you won’t succeed if you plant in your hot growing season without irrigating just about every day until the worst of the heat is over. A young tree needs to be irrigated regularly until its stem reaches about 10mm stem thickness.


    • @Sebastian, Clay soils are the only soils that the lucerne tree does NOT enjoy as these trees hate sitting in wet, soggy soil and they prefer well-drained soils. However, you should try and do your own trials. Perhaps if you planted these trees on slopes, they may cope and do well. Try a pack of 100 seeds and germinate a few and see what happens.


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