Chipping Tons of Food

We have discovered an amazing method of Lucerne Tree food production ~


1-Myles Chipper

When we pruned our trees, we collected all our cuttings and fed our sheep and cattle these soft branches, but when we pushed the cuttings through a chipper, the animals absolutely LOVED it!

Advantages of chipping Lucerne Tree branches ~


  • ALL the cuttings are used as food. Nothing is wasted!
  • The soft lucerne tree branches are high in nutrient value and fiber.
  • Chipped trees can be fed as green, wet fodder.
  • Dried chipped lucerne trees can be stored in bags.
  • Add salts and crushed mealies added to chipped fodder as an excellent, nutritious finishing food for lambs and calves.
  • Pruning trees helps to correct the shape, strengthen the branches and stimulate new growth on trees.
  • Pruned trees are kept at optimal grazing height.
  • Sturdy pruned branches are resistant to grazing damage.

Estimates on food tonnage per tree ~


  • You can chip your pruned branches within the first few months, and quadruple your feed in comparison to when animals graze directly off the trees.
  • 4-year-old trees will give a minimum of 50 kg of wet chipped fodder per annum.
  • One staff member can prune close to 450 kg of wet material per day.
  • 1 hectare of 4-year-old trees with a minimum of 2000 trees (see planting calculations) can deliver in excess of 100 tonnes of wet material per annum if your trees are consistent in size.
  • When you allow your animals to graze directly off the trees, you will average in a region of 30 tonnes of wet material per hectare/ per annum.

1-20140722_184029This is year-round, drought-resistant, lush, nutritious food which gets better and better every year!

Order your seeds and trees now!

Happy Farming!


5 thoughts on “Chipping Tons of Food

  1. Hi Nadene, We are in urgent need of a chipper as our lucerne trees are ready to be pruned. I would like to buy the same one that Myles kindly demonstrated to us when we visited you. Please could you e-mail me the name of the chipper because our local WPK do not carry it. Many thanks, John. Regards,




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