Grazing Directly Off Lucerne Trees

Grazing Directly Off Lucerne Trees

2-year Angus bull browsing directly off the lucerne trees.
Our pruned lucerne trees are sturdy and bushy – perfect for cattle to feed directly off the tree.


We have pruned our lucerne trees, chipping the cut branches and establishing good, sturdy, bush-like trees.  After more than 2 years, the grasses growing between the rows of trees are really prolific.  The trees’ nitrogen-fixing roots fertilize the soils and promote good grass growth.

This is great grazing year-round!


3 thoughts on “Grazing Directly Off Lucerne Trees

    • Raymond, termites need to be combated with insecticide. You can add bonemeal mixed with compost when planting a tree out into your land, but I would recommend mixing a cup of lime and a cup of phosphates and adding this rather to your soil. The lime fixes the soil’s ph and the tree needs phosphates in order to fix nitrogen.


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