Bull Calves Feeding in Lucerne Tree Fields

These weaned Angus bull calves have been in a hectare of lucerne trees feeding and growing strong.  Our short, bushy, pruned lucerne trees provide excellent food!




These Angus bulls have been rounded off and are in excellent condition feeding off our lucerne trees.

Recently Myles sold several young Angus bulls at a livestock auction and his bulls fetched excellent prices.

Proof that lucerne trees provide nutritious food year-round!

Order your seeds and trees today!


4 thoughts on “Bull Calves Feeding in Lucerne Tree Fields

  1. I have been visiting your page with interest. I have 2 simple questions for you:-

    1. What (if anything) is different about your seeds compared to me buying similar from an Australian supper?
    2. Do Australian quarantine requirements allow me to source seeds from you?
    Regards, John


    • @John Griffin (Australia),
      1. There shouild be no difference in the seeds, but make sure that your supplier has hand-picked the seeds rather than collected them off the the ground.
      2. Tagasaste is not allowed to be exported to Australia nor New Zealand.


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