Chipped lucerne trees is added value!

We regularly chip our lucerne trees for exceptional fibre-rich, nutritious year-round food!

Chipped lucerne treesPlease pop over to our new page Chipped Food for all our lucerne tree chipping information:

Read more on ~

  • How to chip
  • What chipper we use
  • How to store your chipped food
  • Recipe for chipped feed mix for finishing or animals in milk
  • Advantages of chipping lucerne trees
  • Tonnage food per tree pruned and chipped

Cows eat chipped food-001



4 thoughts on “Chipped lucerne trees is added value!

  1. Hi Myles,

    Thank you very much for the most helpful and practical articles. Is it necessary to apply a rhizobium. If it is, at what stage do you apply the rhizobium. Can one use the same rhizobium used for planted normal lucern? Could I use this as feed for my chickens (broilers and layers) as well? Dry or wet, or both?

    Kind regards


    • @Hilda, You can add Groundnut & Cowpea Group Inoculant to your seeds after they have soaked overnight and just before planting your seeds in potting soil. This is not the same innoculant as the alfalfa (ground lucerne) but it can be obtained from your agricultural supplier.
      I give my chickens and my brood hens (while they are placed in their brood boxes) fresh, cut branches every week. I especially feed my young roosters kept in finishing pens fresh lucerne leaves or branches because they can’t go out and forage. My chickens did not seem to enjoy the dried leaf mixture.


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