Chipped lucerne trees for milk cows


We hand-milk our jersey milk cow for our homestead dairy milk.  IMG-20160730-WA0008

Because my daughter and I are “hands-on” preparing the cow’s food for her milking session, we have monitored that when we give her chipped lucerne tree feed mixed with some crushed mealies and a scoop of molasses, her milk production increases. IMG-20160730-WA0012

Chipped lucerne trees provide excellent protein and fibre. IMG-20160730-WA0011

We mostly give her fresh, wet chipped food,which smells delicious — almost like candyfloss!

Sometimes the chipped food ferments in the bags, providing nutrient-rich, fermented kuilvoer or silage.

We also lay out the chippings on a tarpaulin to dry and store.  This method allows us to store chipped lucerne tree food in bags for the weeks when we are not pruning or chipping fresh lucerne tree branches.

At night, when we bring our cow in to the milk shed, we give her a generous helping of chipped food to supplement her grazing. We have the loveliest, rich, creamy milk which I use to make our butter, yoghurt, cream cheese and feta cheese.IMG-20160730-WA0010

Lucerne trees are an essential part of our homesteading.  They form the basis of our year-round food.

Have you ordered your seeds for this spring season?



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