Video ~ Cows grazing lucerne trees

Here are our Black Angus cattle thoroughly enjoying their lucerne trees, with its nutritious food grazed directly off the trees.


3 thoughts on “Video ~ Cows grazing lucerne trees

  1. Am. Really want to have this on my farm. 2014/15 I bought seeds from you and I planted them but no one seed germinated. What could be the problem?

    Am very happy to see the cows grazing on through the video and I want this to happen on my farm very soon. Seeds will be the best for me since am in Namibia but if to bring in seedlings will be possible the I will appreciate it.


    • hello @Gideon Ishuna Nuunyango. Sorry to hear your first attempt was unsuccessful. We germinate our seeds almost daily and have exceptional germination rates and results! Our seeds are excellent quality and the germination instructions are very clear and exact, so we would love you to try again! Keep to the instructions and water and manage your seedlings through their first months and you should have lovely little trees to plant in your lands by next spring. Due to import controls we cannot send you trees, but you are welcome to order seeds which we will register mail to you.


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