Hold your seeds until Spring

P1120686With winter temperatures now upon us in the southern hemisphere, most seeds and plants become dormant.  We would recommend that you hold your seeds until well into spring giving the ground and soils enough opportunity to increase in temperature best suited for optimum seed germination.  With cold soils and even colder water keeping the sand wet, seeds are prone to rot instead of germinating.
Please follow our germination instructions for best results.
  • We soak our seeds in boiling water overnight, remove swollen seeds and repeat the boiling water soaking several times, each time removing the swollen seeds, until almost all the seeds are swollen.  OR
  • We nick the seed coat edge with nail clippers and soak them in boiling water and almost all swell and are ready with one soaking.
Remember that these seedlings and trees hate sitting in water and do not thrive in very soggy soils.  Water lightly  but regularly.  Your climate and soils will determine how much and how often they need watering.
Transplant your seedlings once they have their first true leaves and are about 2cm tall into individual potting bags.
If your potted trees reach 40cm and have nice pencil-thick stems, but are still tender, wait until early summer before planting them out in your land.  Likewise, don’t plant them in late autumn or winter as they may struggle in the frosts and cold.  Hold them in a sheltered spot until late spring before planting them in your lands.
Happy farming!

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