Tube-packs are for courier purposes only

Winter is a perfect time to start your lucerne tree germination process and we have received a lot of interest and new orders. Recently a new client asked,

“Should I first plant my lucerne tree seeds into tube-packs (after seeing images on our blog and as an option in our ordering form) before then potting my seedlings into potting bags?”

Here’s my response ~

We only use tube-packs to courier clients our little lucerne trees so as to provide light-weight packaging, to reduce volumetric weight and therefore lower courier costs. A tube-pack has very little space for root growth. 

We recommend clients germinate their own seeds in a seed bed or seed tray (in a warm or sheltered spot) and then transplant these little seedlings straight into 1-litre potting bags.  It is not recommended to plant your seedlings into small tube-packs first because you want them to grow to 30-40cm tall in their potting bags, so that they are strong enough to go out into your lands, and their roots need space to grow in the bag.  You can view our step-by-step germination and potting out seedling instructions here.

Just look at the length of the roots on this seedling — as much root growth as stem growth! Remember that a lucerne tree grows a deep tap root that can go up to 10m deep, so its natural desire is to go down deep!

Potting bags can be ordered online or purchased at your local nursery or agricultural supplier. When selecting your potting bag, choose tall bags rather than short wide bags so that those roots have space to grow in. Potting bags are cheap – only about R1 per bag.

When a client receives his little seedlings in tube-packs, he must then immediately transplant these seedlings into 1-litre potting bags. Remember that lucerne trees generally do not like to have their roots disturbed and so follow our step-by-step transplant instructions exactly and keep the soil around the roots intact when transplanting them. You can view these instructions here.

Although it is winter here in South Africa, and plant growth is slow, it is good to start now. Order your seeds and seedlings by filling in the contact form on our Orders page. Your seeds will have a head-start while kept sheltered, and by spring, when soil temperatures begin to warm, they will begin their real growth and should be tall enough and ready to plant out by summer. We do not have any trees in bags in stock at the moment. All our trees and seedlings are R15 per tree regardless of size or packaging.

Happy Farming!


8 thoughts on “Tube-packs are for courier purposes only

    • @Hettie Nieuwoudt, please pop over to our Orders page and fill in the contact form and we will email you all the details for your order. Prices are: R100 per 100 seed pack, R800 per 1000 seed pack and R150 for packaging and courier costs. All our trees are R15 per tree and you can order them in tube-packs for lighter courier costs which will depend on the volumetric weight of your order. We could meet you to deliver if you live in or near George, Western Cape. Alternatively, you are welcome to book an appointment to visit us on our farm. We live in the Klein Karoo about 1 hour away from George towards Uniondale. Look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Dear Nadine. Would you kindly help me find a tree courier that I can use for fruit tree seedlings from Tulbagh, CT, to King Williams Town, Eastern Cape.


    • @Themba, Usually the fruit tree nursery or tree supplier has contacts to transporters or couriers. Contact them directly to enquire. We have used The Courier Guy for several years now and they have been excellent transporting our small consignments.


      • Thank you Nadine, much appreciated. Tulbagh Nursery does not transport outside Cape Town. I’ll contact the Courier Guy further. Much blessings.


      • Thank you Nadine, much appreciated. Tulbagh Nursery does not transport outside Cape Town. I’ll contact the Courier Guy further. Much blessings.


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