Transplant little lucerne trees into potting bags

Transplant little trees into potting bags

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you transplant your little lucerne trees that we have couriered with several little trees in a potting bag filled with soil. Clients need to transplant each little tree into individual potting bags to grow out to 40cm tall before they will be ready to plant out in the land. You can view our YouTube video ~

  • Have your new potting bags filled with a sandy soil mix.  Do NOT use potting soil, compost, peat or any other medium that will remain wet and soggy.  Lucerne trees hate sitting with wet roots for prolonged periods of time.
  • Water your new bags of soil so that when you transplant your trees, their roots will go into wet soil.
  • Make holes in the soil of each newly filled potting bag with a dibber or stick – nice and deep and fairly wide.
  • Fill a small bucket or bowl with water which you will use when you take out the trees from our potting bag.  You do NOT want the roots to dry out.
  • Take our bag with trees and gently press around the base to loosen the soil from the bag. 
  • Take hold of the bottom of the potting bag and tilt the trees over on the other hand.
  • Gently slide the potting bag off the soil or take a Stanley knife and slice the bag open down the side.
  • Gently loosen the soil off the tree’s roots.
  • Place the trees’ roots into the bucket of water.
  • Now separate each little tree carefully, not pulling or damaging the roots.
  • Take each tree and ease its roots into the hole in the new potting bag soil and then press the soil around the roots so that there is no air space around the roots.
  • Give your newly transplanted trees a light watering.  
  • Your newly transplanted trees may go into “transplant shock” and may look sad and wilted for a day or two, but should recover within a week.
  • Keep them protected and lightly watered when needed.
  • Once they reach 40cm tall, they are ready to be planted out into the land. 
  • You can test if they need watering by checking the soil at the bottom of the potting bags or sticking your finger into the soil to see if it is dry.  Remember not to over-water your trees.

NB: Do not throw away the soil in which your seedlings have been growing!  There are many seeds in each bag that may still germinate.  Place this soil in an old ice cream box with a few drainage holes poked into the bottom and water this along with your trees. Transplant any new seedlings that may emerge into their own potting bags as soon as they develop their true leaves.

We have supplied you with at least 10% extra trees with each consignment. Order your trees and seeds today!


10 thoughts on “Transplant little lucerne trees into potting bags

      • @Ty Folk, we live in South Africa and are not familiar with growing zones, but there are two factors to bear in mind with lucerne trees —
        1. They are native to the Canary Islands which has a Mediterranean climate (hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters)
        2. Lucerne trees hate to sit in soggy, wet soils. They do not do well in prolonged rain or poorly drained soils such as dense clay soils.
        With this in mind, we always recommend that clients do their own trials on their lands.


  1. Thanks Nadene.
    We had a very wet Spring this year and quite a lot of the tree Lucerne I planted 3 years ago died due to I guess wet feet.
    Considering I planted them on a slope I was surprised that this happened.
    What I plan to do is make a raised bed where I plant the trees that died and see if this helps.

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    • @Grant Johnson, you’re right, lucerne trees don’t do well with prolonged rains and poorly drained soils. Planting your trees on slopes should have helped with the drainage. You could try planting your trees on mounds, but the water run-off may settle in between the mounds, creating a build-up of water in the soil which could be a problem. Keep trying and experimenting and see what happens.
      Wishing you every success.


  2. Good afternoon.

    Compliments of the new year.

    Are still not keen on exporting seedlings to Botswana?

    Thank you.



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