Prices & Orders

To place an order, request a quote or ask a question, please use our contact form below to email us.  You may also contact  Myles or Nadene Esterhuizen on our landline: +27 44 745 1132 during working hours.

Download the price list ~ Price List 2018

Price List 2018

International clients

  • We post seeds undeclared worldwide with registered mail which has a tracking number.
  • You can pay for your order with PayPal even if you don’t have a PayPal account by using your credit or debit card or you can create your own PayPal account.

Post Seeds

  • Seeds are posted worldwide using registered mail with a tracking number and include detailed germination instructions and at least 10% extra seeds.
  • Please provide you:
    1. full names
    2. postal address (complete with postal code &country)
    3. contact numbers
    4. amount of seeds in 100’s or 1000’s packs – use the contact form above
  • We will email you an invoice with our banking details.
  • Please use your invoice number and name as your payment reference.
  • Once we receive your emailed payment confirmation we will post your seeds and email you the postal tracking number.
  • Registered mail normally takes +5 working days for local mail and + 30 days for international mail to arrive.

Tree Orders

  • Depending on available stocks.
  • Delivery only to George, Western Cape areas, and transport costs will be determined by distance and size of the load.  Note that each tree is in a 1-litre potting bag and weighs about 1.5kg.
  • We are prepared to courier your trees, however, courier and packaging costs will sometimes exceed the value of the trees.  Please ask us for a quote.  Also, remember that you will need to have prepared a sheltered nursery for your trees, or your lands ploughed, prepared with irrigation and protection ready for immediate planting.
  • Clients may collect trees at our farm. Please call us a few days before to arrange suitable dates and times.  Directions available when you book your appointment.

All sales are strictly COD or EFT with Proof of Payment.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Happy Farming!

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32 thoughts on “Prices & Orders

    • Hallo Gert, mooi om van jou te hoor. Gert ons het baie boompies wat beskikbaar is. Daar is geen wagperiode nie. Ek moet net weet waar u woon en kyk hoe ons dit by jou kan kry.


    • Dear Miles, my husband and I ordered seeds from you and started planting. Today I have 560 tagasaste seedlings living in our entertainment room! We started experimenting wit different types of soil and systems. We have a germination ratio of 56% on seedlings planted. In spring our trees will be big enough to plant on the farm in Namibia. Thank you, your seeds are of excellent quality. May God bless you and your family and keep you. His Hand is definitely over the produce of yours Miles. Ingrid


      • Hi, Ingrid.
        We farm in Namibia as well and I would like to hear how your trees are coping here?



  1. will mulching with normal lucern help the plant with nitrogen in the initual planting stage and to assist during winter months


    • Hello Mercia, i do apologise for my late response. Please do not add anything to your soil when the tree is anything smaller than 50cm. Although the life of the tree is its prolific tap root it has the most sensitive roots in its initial stages. I have killed some of my trees by adding nitrogen in the hole when planting them out from bags. This is a pioneer tree and will survive in the poorest soils. I plant mine out into my lands withnothing but water and some of them give indications that they are acclimatising by going a bit yellow in the leaf but soon they put out little grey green leaves which become lush green leaves. This is always an indication that their roots are beggining to fix nitrogen. You can add phosphates after a year but i would not recommend anything else.


  2. Hi Myles
    I was wondering how I would be able to go about getting a few of your seedling trees? And how does the transport thing work? I live in Kokstad Kzn! If you can give me that info then I will make a plan to order some! Not sure yet how many I want to order, just wanting to find out how it all works first! Thanks so much!


    • Hello Helen,
      I have just completed trials on planting young trees into a lightweight medium so that they can be economically couriered. We will be couriering the first consignment up to Pretoria this week and if the courier company doesnt hash it up we will be able to send you trees. I will be able to give you feedback on Thursday.
      Thanks for your interest in our trees and i believe we will be able to assist you.


    • @Kim, NO special medium is needed. Simply, these seeds germinate best in coarse river sand. It looks quite sterile, but the seeds hate to remain in wet ground, so water lightly only when needed and they’ll come up from about 14 days.


    • @Golebaone, thanks for your interest in our seeds. Could you please just fill in the contact form on this page with your postal address and amount of seeds and we will get back to you with an invoice.


  3. hallo myles!!
    Ek het n plaas in Warrenton Noord kaap en ek beoog om n min van 60 hektar te plant , ek sal dit waardeer as u vir my inligting kan gee van die saad kan gee soos hoe om dit te plant en uit te plant en om die plant veder te vat tot ek my beeste daarin kan laat wei!

    Dankie Hennie


  4. Hi, can cattle graze off the trees without bloating? How good a bee ,honey tree is it,compare it to normal lucerne? Am i right calculating you can plant 2500 trees per hec for optimal benefit? Thanks Brian


    • @Brian Womersley,
      a) Lucerne trees are excellent grazing for cattle with no record of bloat in livestock.
      b) In southern hemisphere countries these trees flower prolifically from July onwards and are exceptionally attractive to bees and birds.
      c) Your calculations are optimal with spacing 1m apart in the row and rows 4m apart!
      Kind regards, Myles


    • @Seabe Mabua, we post seeds internationally and can post to you in Botswana. Please fill in the contact form on our Prices & Orders page and we will email you an invoice.

      To calculate how many seeds you need per hectare, please visit our Planting Treespage to work out your spacing requirements. Generally we recommend that you need 1500 seeds per hectare.


  5. I believe for our arid terrain in southern Namibia?
    I’ve a small farm of about 514 Hectares and will retire within the next three years and plan to start establishing treelucern for my intended Goat Stud farming. I believe in what I got form your website, that this is a viable option to address grazing. I will certainly, I just bought my first seeds here in Namibia and is excited about the prospects.


  6. hi i live in the northern part of botswana and would like to plant some trees, so i came across your website and was interested in trying out the lucerne trees i have a 4 hectare plot


    • @Bee kierstead, Thank you for your interest in our lucerne trees. We have several clients in Botswana who have purchased our lucerne tree seeds. We have excellent lucerne tree seeds in stock. Our seeds are packed in 100’s and 1000’s. (We do not sell in kilograms.) Included in the seed pack are detailed germination instructions that we successfully use ourselves and some extra seeds. We post the seeds all over the world,undeclared, with registered mail and then email the client the tracking number. Please pop over to our Prices and Orders page and tell us how many seeds you wish to order and include your full names, postal address and contact number details. We will email you an invoice with our banking or PayPal details. Please check that your contact information is correct on this invoice. Please note that we will not refund seeds uncollected or returned from the post office. Once we receive your emailed payment confirmation with your invoice number as your payment reference, we will post your seeds and email you the tracking number.


  7. Naand Nadene dit is my gelukigeste dag vandag ek het so lank gesoek na die saad Lucerne tree seed ,shuuuuuuuuuu my problem is opgelos wil net nog seker maak van die prys van die Lucerne tree seed nou smaak dit mos om te boer volgens woman in powerment geseende nag rus hulle moet nog baie jare gessnd word



  8. Hello
    We are located in the UAE and we are considering growing fodder crops on very poor soils under extreme hot arid conditions with recycled waste water through drip irrigation. Your tree-luzerne seems a strong candidate. We want to start with 50-60 ha.
    It is the idea to cut-and-carry the clippings, as we don’t plan to graze cattle on the land, as such we think to keep the trees small by frequent pruning and planted in high density.
    Following questions:
    – best planting distance under mentioned crop management system
    – frequency of pruning / harvesting
    – estimated yields MT/ha fresh and OM under this system.



    • @Marius, Thank you for your comment. These trees, well-managed, will provide year-round food even in the extreme heat and arid conditions but should receive regular light watering to firstly become established, and secondly, to bounce back after pruning or harvesting.
      — Planting distances — we recommend trees are planted in rows 4 meters apart to enable vehicles, tractors etc to be able to drive through for harvesting, but closer rows will also work. Trees should be planted 2.5 meters apart in the rows to receive maximum food from each tree.
      — Pruning should be done a month or so after first planting, and then as often as is required to maintain the tree at about 1-meter height.
      — yield depends on so many factors – how much watering, pruning management, grazing management, soil conditions etc.


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